Born in Venice, Italy, in 1952, graduated with a degree in architecture, designer, art director, in love with every art form, he dedicates several years of his life and most of his passionate work to glass, furniture and lighting design, exhibition spaces and interior design.

He has been always absorbed in a deep research around beauty and art expressions.
Thanks of some lucky experiences as well as the acquaintance with charismatic and famous persons as Carlo Scarpa, his mentor, always working on the thin line of demarcation between architecture, design and art, he had been right away led in love with drawing, designing and art, especially the aesthetic concept of composition, deconstruction and reconstruction of the mark that should be the key of the development of taste and creative impulse.
From a clear compositional research to the release of the unconscious subjective impulse working in the project dimension, to the three-dimensional object… seed creating the next portrayal of the artwork.

Always and in the same time he gets fun by landscape watercolor painting and this is one of the germs of the evolution toward his own unique artistic expression.
Curiosity about various techniques and materials, according to every kind of creative form, drives him to experiment several expression paths.
By that he discovers a material that should turn out to be perfectly functional and in itself inspiring to the artistic action.

An alveolar paperboard, used in paper converting and printing industries, reveals itself light, very resistant and steady, printable and appropriate for acrylic painting and easy cutting.

That’s the beginning of the story…


Claudio Marturano

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Venice – Italy
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